Guidance to Choose Stylish Leather Belts for Men

Every man chooses to dress in this way that he must get compliments from others and want to look stylish. For this purpose, different accessories are used to give your outfit perfect look. One of the most important things in your outfit is stylish leather belts for men that has two reasons to wear one is to add moderate appearance in your look and another one is to keep your pants up and elegant. So if you are thinking about to buy stylish leather belts it’s very important to have an idea or any guidance about how to purchase leather belts best ever offer.


So here we are going to give you the guidance to choose stylish leather belts for men

  1. Length and width: The most important thing about the length of leather belts is the length of leather belts are approximately in 3 inches that are 7.5 cm of leather is on the left of the buckle. You can measure your leather belts from the end of buckle to its center loop, remember one thing you can apply this rule only to that type of leather belts that comes only with pre-punched loops. So when you are decided to purchase leather belts always choose that leather belts that are 1 or 2 inches bigger than your waist size. For instance, if you have 39-inch waist size then you should go for 40 or 41-inch leather belts. There are two types of width in leather belts that you can encounter with one is formal, that can only wear in functions or occasions with 1-1.5 inches belts and if you find more from this inches that are made for casual use.
  2. Leather Quality and its Softness: while you are choosing stylish leather belts for men keep an eye on its softness because there is a lot of variety in leather belts that are not soft and are poor in quality so higher softness in leather belts lead you guys with best leather belts. Leather belts come with several qualities like synthetic leather, bonded leather, full grain leather and genuine leather. Among all these leather, full grain leather is considered durable, flexible and long lasting leather to choose. So when you decide to buy leather belts always go for full grain leather that will give your dress sophisticated look.
  3. Color: Choosing good colors in leather belts are the very important thing so when it time to the choose color of your leather belts always remember one thing that your leather belts colors should match with your shoes color. For example, if you are wearing black shoes and your color of the belt is brown that will not sound good. Nowadays leather belts come with different elegant colors like brown, black or brighter colors like red, yellow or even violet that obviously wearing only on functions.
  4. The Buckle of leather belts: we cannot ignore the buckle of the leather belts, the buckle of leather belts should always simple both for casual and formal wearing. You should go with the option of simplicity and choose that leather belts that are not ostentatious.